Mustang Fever Specifications


Allison V-1710-85 Aircraft Engine used in P-38's, P-39's, and P-40's in WWII


Configuration: V-12
Displacement: 1710 CID
Brake Horsepower: 1,325 @ 3,000 RPM
Bore X Stroke: 5.5" X 6"
Ignition: Dual magnetos, dual distributors, 2 Spark plugs per cylinder
Compression Ratio: 6:1
Blower Ratio & Boost Pressure: 9.6:1, 57 in. Hg A
Construction Material: Aluminum block & heads
Valves: Two intake &  two exhaust per cylinder
Oil type and Capacity: 25W-60, 8 gal.
Cooling system: Liquid cooled, 100% ethyl glycol
Fuel: 115 Octane Trick racing fuel


Designed and assembled by students in the BRAE shops at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Clutch: 4 disk Crowerglide (centrifugal)
Transmission: Fuller 905 5-sp. w/ reverse
Driveline: Custom made by SCS Gearbox
Rear end differential: Rockwell SQHD 3.55:1
Rear Axle: Weisenberger Specials (shortened and splined to accept planetaries)
Planetaries: Rockwell 3.5:1
Rear wheels: 30.5" x 32" steel rims with custom centers
Rear tires: Firestone 30.5" x 32" 10-ply, custom cut for pulling
Rear steering brakes: Custom made 23" rotors, Mico calipers
Front steering: Custom made hydraulic
Frame: 10-guage custom formed wedge

7200/8000 lb modified competition pulling tractor

Weight: 6320 lbs
Wheelbase: 13.5 feet
Paint: Powder coated Cal Poly green and yellow (thanks Central Coast Powder Coating!)
Fuel Tank: Miller Brewing Co. Pony Keg
Number of pulls: 100+ and counting!
Drivers Hard working Tractor Pull Team students